Terms of Appointment

Time commitment: Committee members are typically required to commit to around 4-5 days per year. This will not only be spent in preparing for and attending Committee meetings, but also in phone calls and meetings to support the CFO on particular projects (eg competitive tenders) and ad hoc attendance at events.

Payments: This is an unpaid role. Reasonable expenses, such as travel, are covered.

Appointment term: Members are appointed for one year, then may be reappointed annually up to a maximum period of five years.

Conduct: The successful candidate will need to comply with the Charity’s Governance Manual. This outlines the standards that Committee members need to meet whenever they are carrying out their functions or representing the Charity. The Manual focuses on the principles of good governance and includes points on meeting attendance, confidentiality, internal and external relationships, and conflicts of interest.

Induction:  A full induction will be provided to newly appointed Committee members, comprising a pack of key documents, meetings with key staff and senior Trustees and if possible, visits to the hospitals and medical school.