About Us

We are a multi-award  winning executive agency of the Department for Transport (DfT).

We are proud to have been based in Swansea for over 50 years, between the Brecon Beacons and the Gower Peninsula. We are one of the biggest employers in South Wales with more than 6,000 staff. We are responsible for maintaining over 49 million driver records and more than 40 million vehicle records. Our main purpose is to keep complete, accurate registers of drivers and vehicles and make them as accessible and flexible as possible to those who use them.

These registers are important to DVLA, the police and others and help keep the UK’s roads some of the safest in the world. Our registers are also used to provide many services delivered by other government departments including traffic management and helping reduce carbon emissions.

Last year we handled more than 1 billion interactions, with 90% of them completed online. Our aim is to provide the most efficient and effective services to meet the needs of a diverse but ever-growing digitally aware customer base, while recognising the needs of the important minority through assisted digital services.

The many digital services we provide are a simpler, better and more secure way of transacting with us. We work hard to make sure our services are quick and easy to use and can be accessed at a time and place that suits our customers.

We are responsible for the collection of Vehicle Excise Duty, with on average more than £6 billion collected every year. We also offer personalised registrations for sale and collect more than £100 million every year on behalf of the Treasury.

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our services and we embrace and encourage the use of the latest developing technologies to allow us to do that.

About the DVLA Board

The Chief Executive Officer is the Accounting Officer of DVLA, and the Board is an advisory Board.

As a Non-Executive Director, you will both support and challenge the executive team to achieve its strategic and business plans, and to optimise the performance and efficiency of the agency.

You will be part of a network of NEDs across DfT and its agencies, sharing experience and best practice.

Current DVLA Non-Executive Board members

Lesley Cowley

Lesley Cowley OBE
Non-Executive Chair

Jeremy Boss

Jeremy Boss
Board member

Matt King
board member


DVLA Executive Team

Julie Lennard
Julie Lennard
Chief Executive

Tony Ackroyd
Tony Ackroyd
Operations and Customer Service Director

Andrew Falvey
Andrew Falvey OBE
Commercial Director

Tracey Nash
Interim Finance Director

Brian Sullivan
Brian Sullivan
Chief Technology Officer

Lynette Rose
Lynette Rose
Strategy, Policy and Communications Director

Louise White
Louise White
HR and Estates Director

DVLA Strategic Plan

The strategic plan for 2021 to 2024 sets out how DVLA focuses on being:

  • customer-centric – we will develop our services around helping to meet our customers’ needs, whether they are individuals, businesses or other public sector organisations
  • a dynamic, digital organisation – we will continue to accelerate the redesign and re-platforming of our services, building on the foundations of what we have already delivered and being ambitious about the future
  • data driven – our priority is and will always remain to protect the data we hold. Our services will be secure by design and our culture will ensure that our responsibility to protect data, especially personal data, is at the core of the organisation
  • a great place to work – we want DVLA to be a great and inclusive place to work, investing in the skills of our local community and offering good-quality, rewarding jobs for the talented people who want to work here