Role Description

As we continue our year-on-year growth, we are looking for new Board members: a Treasurer, a Governance Trustee, and a Legal & Ethics Expert.

We are looking for individuals who are team players, with the ability to apply your knowledge and insights across a diverse range of challenges beyond the specialisms you possess. We are open to a wide range of backgrounds, including but not limited to:

  • Established networks with NGOs
  • Experience of working as part of or with a charitable foundation
  • Experience in Africa, the US or Asia
  • Fundraising expertise (especially in review of complex contracts)
  • Private sector experience
  • Carbon, forestry and/or biodiversity expertise
  • Livelihood / economic models’ expertise

Overall purpose of the Board

Nominated by our General Assembly, our Board steers WeForest’s mission and every Trustee has a clear view on its roles and responsibilities. The work of our Board includes:

  1. Representing WeForest– acting with integrity, transparency, accountability and passion, our Trustees embody our values and mission. We expect our Trustees to adhere to our Code of Professional Ethics
  2. Advancing our mission – holding the executive to account to ensure we are maximising our impact, and review and approve our annual strategies
  3. Fulfilling legal and fiduciary obligations – ensuring key risks prevention and mitigation measures and adequate policies for ethics are in place, reviewing and signing of legal, financial and contract documents
  4. Oversight of our CEO – including recruiting and nominating, supporting, assessing performance, and setting compensation
  5. Supporting recruitment – helping recruit Trustees and Directors for WeForest, as well as exit interviews for Directors
  6. Serving as an expert – providing expertise and guidance to the Board in general or to specific department
  7. Shaping culture – being committed to the aims and principles of diversity and inclusion, ensuring we are a positive place to work

In addition to the general responsibilities of a Trustee, duties of the Treasurer are as follows:

  • Familiarity with financial management policies and procedures
  • Adoption of budget and financial statements
  • Approval of the annual audit
  • Approval of legal structures and major investments
  • Advising on the financial implications of WeForest’s strategic plans
  • Ensuring that the annual accounts are prepared and disclosed in the form required by relevant statutory bodies
  • Ensuring that the annual accounts are scrutinised in the manner required (independent examination or audit) and any recommendations are implemented
  • Keeping the Trustee Board informed about its financial duties and responsibilities
  • Approval of guidelines for risk, cash, and reserve management
  • On-going Sounding Board and safeguard for financial topics

In addition to the general responsibilities of a Trustee, duties of the Governance Trustee are as follows:

  • Leading on reviewing minutes drafted from meetings
  • Ensuring availability of pre-reading documents
  • Acting as a facilitator for Board, leadership and group meetings, including agreeing agendas, quality control of submitted papers, and ensuring proper recording of minutes and actions
  • Holding Trustees accountable for their work

In addition to the general responsibilities of a Trustee, duties of the Legal & Ethics Expert are as follows:

  • Professional familiarity of legal & ethics policies
  • Acting as WeForest’s safeguard for legal & ethics
  • Regular participation in legal & ethics sessions