Role Description


We have a new, exciting and ambitious vision and strategy for Unity and the communities we serve and we need a CEO to take the lead in fighting inequality and empowering BME people to improve their lives. You will do this by creating opportunities and helping to regenerate their communities.

You will be responsible to the Board for developing the draft corporate plan into a strategy that you will deliver through effective leadership, development and performance of the Association and its people.

You will use your leadership acumen to ensure that our vision, values and social purpose are at the centre of all strategies, activities and plans.

Your Key Priorities, in line with our Corporate Plan, will be:

  1. Ensuring Unity excels at customer service and customer engagement
  2. Improving business and operational performance to top quartile levels
  3. Strengthening the business by growth and partnerships and maintaining its health and security
  4. Developing and investing in our social purpose, to strengthen the breadth and depth of the range of services we either deliver directly or support through working with partners.
  5. Building resilience through organisational development and HR

You will do this by delivering on the detail……

Strategic Leadership, Corporate, Financial Management & Organisation Development

  1. Lead in the development, prioritisation, testing for VfM and resilience and implementation of the Association’s business strategy, policies, plans and budgets.
  2. Ensure that all parts of the Association are managed, controlled, organised and aligned with the business plan and regulatory issues.
  3. Ensure that comprehensive financial and risk management strategies are devised and implemented to maintain and enhance the financial security of the organisation.
  4. Ensure that the Association has in place systems and processes to deliver continuous improvement of services and value for money within the Association’s business objectives.
  5. Provide leadership, support and development of the senior management team and all staff, maximising the organisation’s capability and ensuring it operates in a way that responds to the organisation’s priorities as well as stakeholders’ needs and expectations.
  6. Ensure that the Association complies with legislation and regulation, and evidences good practice in all areas of equality, diversity and inclusion.

The Board and Chair

  1. Advise the Board and develop and maintain a constructive, supportive and mutually challenging relationship with the Chair and Board.
  2. Ensure that the Board is serviced effectively and that members are properly advised and provided with plans, policy proposals, financial and other performance information to enable them to discharge their statutory and governance responsibilities fully and effectively.
  3. Ensure statutory and legal obligations are met on behalf of the Board.
  4. Periodically review and make recommendations on governance structures, standards and policies, together with the framework of delegated authority and reporting systems, so that Board members are able to control and monitor the Association’s work effectively.
  5. Help maintain a skilled and experienced Board, keep under review the membership of the Board and its various committees, to ensure appropriate levels of skills, experience, and representation, lead on training of all members and the recruitment of new members when necessary.

Profile and Promotion of the Association

  1. Promote the organisation externally to agencies and potential partners across the region and ensure that good internal and external communications and relationships are developed.
  2. Develop and maintain effective working relationships with local authorities, Government and other public, voluntary community organisations and business partners in order to sustain our core business and develop our social purpose ambitions.
  3. Ensure Unity punches above its weight by being a platform for influencing and campaigning to deliver our social purpose.

Operational Services

  1. Coach, engage, and where appropriate, direct the senior management team to achieve strong customer service ensuring that the activities of the Association are carried out to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism and in accordance with regulatory requirements, statutory bodies, relevant legislation and best practice.
  2. Ensure all assets and homes within the organisation are managed effectively and efficiently, and that strategies are devised and implemented to enable meaningful levels of customer involvement.
  3. Lead the Association in organisational and people development strategies through the utilisation of best practice, shape and drive service delivery to inspire and motivate all employees, supporting them to provide a high quality service to customers.

Business Growth and Development

  1. Lead on the progression of the Association’s new business development, regeneration and growth strategies and ensure that programmes are in place to meet identified need and with appropriate consideration of risk.
  2. Keep abreast of best practice, nationally and locally and, through networking, create business opportunities for the organisation throughout the region and nationally if appropriate.