Role Profile

Job Title: Member of the FAC (voluntary)

Reporting To: Chair of the FAC (member of the Board of Trustees)

Responsible for: Setting financial strategy and overseeing financial controls  environment, external audit and additional assurance

About the Role

This voluntary role involves membership of the Barts Charity Finance and Audit Committee (FAC), attending committee meetings four times per year and providing supplemental investment advice and analysis on an ad-hoc basis as requested by Trustees and the senior Executive.

Meetings typically take place 9-11am at our offices in the City of London, although at the moment, meetings are taking place virtually. We expect the facility to attend meetings virtually to continue for some time yet. Total commitment over the course of a year will be approximately 4-5 days.  The role relates only to the FAC and attendance at Board meetings will not be required in addition.

The FAC Terms of Reference and current members are set out in the Further Reading section.

Main Duties

The individual responsibilities of the members of the FAC are:

  • To oversee all financial aspects of the Charity to ensure its ongoing viability.
  • Overseeing the Charity’s governance to ensure it promotes accountability, financial control and strong risk management.
  • Work with Charity management to make sure that the Charity operates within the relevant legislative and regulatory frameworks.
  • To advise the Board on financial strategies and of the financial implications of their decisions.
  • To review the findings from both external and internal audit firms and to recommend appropriate actions to the Board.
  • Help balance conflicting priorities and resources.
  • Check adherence to relevant standards of best practice, both within the organisation and in a wider context.
  • Attend other meetings/visits/training as required.

We are particularly interested in candidates who have some of the following experience

  • Working in a senior financial role with understanding of financial strategy.
  • Working in a senior financial role with understanding of governance, compliance and risk management.
  • Audit practice in an accountancy firm, holding client relationships.
  • Explaining financial data and appropriate risk matters to a non-financial audience.

We are looking for someone who

  • Has an accountancy qualification.
  • Is engaged by the pioneering mission and work of the Charity.
  • Is willing to devote time and effort to the Charity.
  • Is interested in the vision and purpose of Barts Charity, with a commitment to improving healthcare outcomes primarily for people living in North East London.
  • Has a desire to support and advise the senior management of the Charity on financial and risk management decisions.
  • Lives in, works in, or is strongly connected with a diverse, urban environment and has a commitment to the NHS.
  • Values enterprising, collaborative and delivery-minded behaviours.
  • Has independence of thought and judgement, alongside integrity and gravitas.
  • Is capable of operating effectively and constructively beyond their own area of expertise.
  • Builds trust and works as a team member.
  • Committed to equal opportunities and the promotion of diversity.

We welcome applications from people who have not been non-executives before. If you do not meet all of the criteria listed above but feel that your skills and experience would be of value to our Finance & Audit Committee, we would be delighted to hear from you.