Person Specification

Trustees are expected to give significant time and energy to the role, not only in terms of attendance at Trustee meetings but also in preparing for meetings and engaging with the life of the Society more widely.

We are looking for a person who:

  1. Is a person of Christian faith with an interest in the worldwide Church and a willingness to understand the nature of the Society’s work with churches and individuals from different contexts and cultures across the Anglican Communion.
  2. Has a commitment to the vision, mission and strategic aims of USPG.
  3. Has a clear understanding of the legal responsibilities and liabilities of being a trustee
  4. Has significant experience of general and financial strategy and management at a senior level.
  5. Will work effectively with other trustees and overseas partners as member of a team
  6. Will act with openness & transparency in all matters between board members
  7. Support and encourage the staff
  8. Keep confidences when appropriate
  9. Have confidence to challenge proposals
  10. Engage in regular performance appraisal, periodic self-assessment and development

Such a person may also have skills or experiences in the following areas: Fundraising; Marketing, communications & public relations, Human Resources or Legal matters.

The role is not paid, but necessary expenses incurred for attending USPG meetings will be reimbursed.