Person Specification

Please read these notes carefully:

Essential criteria describes the skills, knowledge or qualifications that are necessary to be able to do the role. Some criteria will be assessed at the shortlisting (S) stage and this will be based on the information you have provided in your CV and supporting statement. Do not just say, for example, ‘I have good communication skills’. Your statement should provide evidence of how you have gained experience or used this skill or knowledge. If the skill has been gained in a very different context you may want to add how you think the skill will transfer to this role. Other criteria may be assessed as part of an assessment (A) or at interview (I). Desirable criteria will only be used where a large number of people meet all the essential criteria, or at interview to differentiate extra skills. As a minimum, address how you meet all essential criteria in your application.

Criteria Essential Why is this needed? How will this be assessed?
Skills and Knowledge Exceptional communication skills with an ability to talk fluently, confidently and succinctly to a wide range of people including ultra high-net worth individuals and senior corporate leaders. Ability to write clearly and concisely and in a range of formats for different audiences. Explaining PTI’s mission, strategy and future plans is critical to our fundraising success. Supporters are time pressed so the ability to get the key points across is essential. S, A, I
  Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to form strong relationships with stakeholders, and operate with diplomacy, tact and humour where appropriate. Human relationships are at the heart of PTI’s fundraising. It is essential to create interactions which go above and beyond transactional conversations, developing a real understanding of our supporters and their needs. A, I
  Commercial skills in pricing products and services to develop new income streams, and marketing these products and services in an engaging and effective manner. We want to develop our consultancy offer and consider whether there is a market for our digital products. Our aim is to develop commercial income which can help cross-subsidise our charitable work. S, I
  Strategic thinker with an ability to step back and see the bigger picture, question assumptions, spot new trends, and develop new pathways to success. Fundraising is more art than science so being able to think innovatively about how to achieve our goals is critical. S, I
  A proven self-starter with an ability to develop your own strategies and approaches and deliver them. Fundraising can be frustrating so having the ability to keep driving forwards despite setbacks is essential. S, A
  Ability to motivate a high-performing team, a track record of successful recruitment, and evidence of leading from the front. PTI has a small fundraising team so we need to ensure that everyone has sector-leading performance and that there is a clear plan in place to avoid duplication while pulling in the same direction. S, I
Experience Experience fundraising for a charity or in a commercial business development setting, particularly at a global level. Track record of prospecting new donors and partners from a range of sources including wealthy individuals, corporates, trusts and foundations, and public sector. Proven track record of ‘making the ask’ and delivering gifts in excess of £1 million. As PTI grows, we need to find new sources of funding as well as retaining our existing donor base. This means making bigger and longer-term asks. S, I
  Experience in developing high-end donor care, maintaining regular contact through a range of channels, and producing high-quality materials in a range of formats. As PTI grows, it is essential that we are able to retain our existing donor base and ensure that they continue to feel excited about and engaged with our work. S, I
  Developing and executing major campaigns including using targeted multi-channel marketing strategies to drive growth and engagement retention with a strong ROI. PTI has been largely reliant on word-of-mouth in developing our pipeline but needs now to lean into worldwide conversations about ‘building back better’ from Covid-19 and demonstrate that our work is critical to the recovery. S, I
  Experience working closely with a board and other connectors towards a common goal, providing clear and accurate briefing, listening closely to advice, and maintaining strong communications at all times. We have a very strong board and group of supporters who are highly engaged with our work and willing to go the extra mile. S, I
  Good knowledge of relevant software and tools. We use Raiser’s Edge software but are open to new approaches. S


Criteria Desirable Why is this needed?
Knowledge Knowledge of education, employability and enterprise programmes for young people. PTI’s bread and butter is our programmatic work so having some understanding is helpful.
Experience Understanding and experience of developing innovative finance and fundraising products. While focusing on donor-based fundraising, we are interested to know whether innovative finance would complement our existing efforts.