Welcome Letter

Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your interest in the role of JRF Trustee or JRHT Board Member, for the JRF Group.

With a staff of 800 across the group, based largely in and around York, we have been given a distinct and vital mission, backed by the generous endowment of Joseph Rowntree, to seek out the root causes of poverty, and to find practical ways to address these, working with those who are experiencing poverty and exclusion. Over the last couple of years, the Trustees and senior executive team have begun significant strategic developments for social change and for housing.

At JRHT, we have large teams working on the practical challenges of providing high quality care and affordable housing in York, Leeds, Scarborough and Hartlepool, and they are very much grounded in the realities of delivering quality services at a time of tough economic conditions. Getting it right for our tenants and residents is central to our work, building and developing strong and empowered communities without poverty or isolation.

At JRF,  we have teams of policy experts, analysts, economists and communication specialists working across the UK to analyse the causes of poverty, whether in our social security systems, the labour market, or housing policies. We also build the political and public will to understand poverty and want to take action, working with partners to identify solutions. We passionately believe it is possible to solve UK poverty, changing the life chances of millions. In this, we work in partnership with many other organisations and groups, raising awareness, providing an independent and informed voice, seeking to build coalitions for reform.

All our work is enabled by a strong and effective central team. We have embarked on significant organisational changes which are also vital elements of the Group’s success. These include improving our governance, implementing an ambitious people strategy and delivering a technology transformation, as well as changing our culture through a focus on values and outcomes so that we can deliver exceptional services, achieve our outcomes and see our vision realised.

We are now looking for  JRF Trustees and JRHT Board Members to join this Group. The two charities have both incorporated and have created a group structure, with a common heritage and the same vision. We are seeking high-quality applicants who share our passion for making a difference and are experienced in challenging and supporting a highly experienced executive team.

Our Board Member and Trustees are the stewards of Joseph Rowntree’s vision, legacy, values and principles, and shape how these are put into action today.  If you have the experience and skills we seek, and share our enthusiasm for tackling major social issues, we would be keen to hear from you.

Will Haire                                Helen Evans
Chair of JRF Trustees          Chair of JRHT Board