Public Health Camden

The Camden and Islington Public Health Department is a shared service, operating jointly across the London Boroughs of Camden and Islington. We currently have two Acting Directors of Public Health with an over-arching responsibility for Islington and Camden respectively; these colleagues work closely together in all aspects of the shared Public Health service across the two boroughs.

The overall aim of the Public Health Directorate is to lead the development and implementation of strategies and programmes to improve the health and wellbeing of the local population and to reduce inequalities in health. It holds responsibility for the three key areas of Public Health practice:

  • Health improvement
  • Health protection
  • Healthcare public health

The Public Health team comprises approximately 80 staff including 8 Consultants in Public Health and an excellent team of Public Health practitioners, supported by a strong public intelligence and knowledge function. The Public Health Directorate is also approved for the training of Public Health specialists. Training opportunities are provided for Foundation Programme Doctors, GP Trainees, and Public Health Trainees. In addition, the Directorate provides opportunities for MSc and MPH students to undertake summer projects. The Public Health grant allocations for Camden and Islington in 2020-21 are £26,891,542 and £26,563,090 respectively.

Health and wellbeing priorities in Islington are: giving every child the best start in life; preventing and managing long-term conditions; and improving mental health and wellbeing. In Camden, the current priorities are: healthy weight, healthy lives; building resilient families, including a focus on the first 1001 days; reducing alcohol-related harm; and ensuring good mental health and wellbeing for all. There has also been a specific focus on citizen-led neighbourhood approaches to health and wellbeing and a whole systems approach to obesity.

The directorate is also directly responsible for commissioning the majority of public health services, including sexual health, health improvement, substance misuse and children’s public health services and works closely with integrated and joint commissioning teams across both councils and CCGs to ensure a joined-up approach across public health and health and care services more broadly.