Role Description

Corporate Partnerships Board at GOSH Charity

The Corporate Partnerships Board is a volunteer body that plays a vital role helping the Charity achieve its ambitious budgets through securing support from the corporate sector. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Corporate Partnerships team had ambitions to raise over £10m annually. The pandemic has impacted our budgets and there is a short term need to rebuild our income, in order to deliver the support the hospital requires. In the medium to longer term, the team have an annual ambition to once more raise £10m, and we need to attract and retain significant corporate partnerships to maintain and grow this figure. The Board advises and supports the Charity in achieving these goals.

Purpose and role of Corporate Partnerships Board Members

Corporate Partnerships Board members are volunteers whose role is to open their own corporate networks and make introductions to the Charity, supporting efforts to develop and secure corporate partnerships worth £100k and above. Members act individually on specific prospects and collectively under the leadership of the Chair, to ensure advice, insight and guidance can be given to the Charity.

  • Act as passionate ambassadors for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity and the Hospital
  • Open their own corporate networks and make introductions to the Charity
  • Invite and host business contacts on tours of the Hospital
  • Develop and secure corporate partnerships worth £100k+ through their contacts
  • Attend and contribute to Corporate Partnerships Board meetings (a minimum of seven out of the ten meetings a year)
  • Engage their own company in support of GOSH, where possible
  • Be mindful of the confidential nature of some of the information they are privy to as Board Members and ensure that confidentiality is maintained where necessary
  • Keep the Charity informed of any progress with prospects

Main Priorities:

  1. Supporting the delivery of the Charity’s 10 Year Fundraising Strategy:
    • To contribute actively to the discussions, brainstorms and Board meetings held on GOSH Charity’s fundraising approach
    • To progress the Charity’s Fundraising Strategy priority of Partnerships, which will include securing commercial opportunities, sponsorship and ‘Charity of the Year’ relationships with companies
    • Share industry knowledge and experience to help ensure our strategy for Partnerships stays relevant
  2. Provide support for the Children’s Cancer Centre project
    • To reach out to personal and corporate networks specifically in relation to the Children’s Cancer Centre (CCC)
    • Support with efforts to contact our target list of prospects, including making cold approaches
    • Use industry knowledge to help identify major prospects for supporting the CCC
    • Help secure financial and in-kind support for the project


  • We ask for the following commitment from Board members:
    • Attendance in at least seven of the ten monthly Corporate Partnerships Board meetings of one hour duration
    • At least four meetings or calls with your key worker throughout the year
  • To undertake an appointment for at least a two-year term , though we would hope for members to stay longer


  • To safeguard the reputation and values of the charity – respect, enterprising, collaborative, accountable and passionate – and to play a full part in representing the charity’s activities in an open and positive way.
  • To act with integrity and avoid any personal conflicts of interest
  • Help foster and develop an inclusive culture within the Board

Desirable Skills and Experience:

Board members are likely to have operated at a senior level in their industry. A strong professional and personal network, and a willingness to approach them is desirable. They should have a keen interest and enthusiasm for the work of the charity and the Hospital.

We are looking for open, honest, proactive individuals willing to give a little of their time to support the work of the charity and the patients, families and staff at GOSH.

Support from GOSH Charity

  • Provide Corporate Partnerships Board Members with a Key Worker – a personal point of contact at the Charity
  • Follow up all opportunities highlighted by Board Members in a professional and effective manner
  • Create a strong understanding of the case for support and provide the Board with the necessary resources, information and strategic support to maximise fundraising approaches
  • Provide access to inspiring clinical staff at the Hospital and patient case studies
  • Professionally manage relationships with prospects and supporters and assist in assessing the fundraising viability of ideas put forward and implementation of projects
  • Provide support and guidance to ensure all activities undertaken by the Board comply with the relevant fundraising, regulatory, legislative and best practice requirements
  • Provide guidance on GOSH Charity specific policies and procedures relating to accepting and refusing donations including the charity’s Moral and Ethical policy, and the Charity’s Treating People Fairly policy

Current Corporate Partnerships Board Members

Tim Score
Simon Smith
Matteo Canonaco
David Craig
Matthew Ponsonby
Sara Hale
Cyrus Kapadia
Jonathan Grundy
David Thomas
Real Estate
Audrey Klein
Michael Abel
Georgina Vaughan
Tim Burrage
Simon Ewins
Retail & Food
Jonathan Miller
Advisory & Consultancy
John Waples
Marc Allera
Tim Collier
John O’Higgins