Role Description

The Chair of the Enterprise M3 Board provides leadership to the Board and champions the delivery of our Strategic Economic Plan and Local Industrial Strategy and our response to the economic impact of COVID-19.  A strategic thinker, you will work closely with our Chief Executive Kathy Slack to set our future direction and priorities, to drive forward our work, and to make a crucial contribution to the economy of the M3 corridor.

Our Chair’s engagement with Enterprise M3’s network of partners, including business organisations and local authorities, is a vital element of our success.  You will therefore play a high profile ambassadorial role, bringing your strong regional and national networks to bear.  You will represent Enterprise M3 at public events, and in high level negotiations with key influencers across the business, government and non-profit sectors.

We are proud of our highly effective and diverse Board.  As Chair, you will ensure that the Board’s discussions are open and inclusive, and that the Board makes full use of the different perspectives and the wide range of expertise and experience among its members.  You will unite Board members behind agreed strategic priorities, and work with them and the staff team to drive continuous improvement.

As Chair, you will lead the Board in its scrutiny of the performance of the Enterprise M3 executive team in delivering against its plans and targets, and in using resources efficiently and appropriately.  At the same time, you will provide the executive team with a source of support and motivation.

Enterprise M3 is a successful Local Enterprise Partnership, working across a regional economy which is strong, diverse and resilient, containing 1.5 million people and a wide range of innovative businesses.  We are already breaking new ground to exploit opportunities in areas such as games and immersive technology, satellites, medical technology and decarbonisation.  We are working closely with universities, colleges and schools to develop joined up approaches, and to open up the world of business to young people.  We are investing in new spaces and infrastructure, and providing a range of support to local businesses.

The current economic context presents us with some exceptional challenges, but also with opportunities to do things better in future.  Our new Chair will be a key ambassador for our region, and will lead Enterprise M3 through this rapidly changing landscape, where both creativity and collaboration will be more important than ever.