We are Comic Relief.
We drive positive change through the power of entertainment.
We have a vision of a just world, free from poverty.
We are a band of visionaries, creators, doers, entertainers and storytellers.
We love a red nose.
We want to change the game.
Do you?


Who are we, really…?

Comic Relief was founded in 1985 by a group of passionate, creative and visionary young people who sought to change the world by making people laugh.  Nearly 40 years on, nothing has changed.

[Well, nothing except the entire world around us.]

But we have not wasted that time!

Our team at Comic Relief has worked tirelessly to impact millions of lives around the world, including across the UK and Africa, positively by raising over £1.3 billion and putting that money to good work, on the ground for you, for others and for our communities.

Now, here is our secret…Just between us…Don’t tell. 

We are creators and storytellers.  We use the power of entertainment, laughter and amazing storytelling to transform goodwill and great intentions into life-changing impact, whether that be in Lincolnshire or Lagos (and both, actually).

So, maybe we should add “magicians” to the list too?

Of course, our magic is not real magic, it is actually the product of vision, ambition, commitment, hard-work and real skill. We are considered to be unique in the way we raise money and the way we spend it.

Let’s not be too modest, Comic Relief has a bit too. 

We are a standard-setting team of over 200 people who are world-class professionals, with the track-record, ambition and skills to back that up.  We have become leaders in the world of progressive funding, and want to use technology to amplify and grow our networks and our ability to influence positively the universe of donation and grant-making.  We work with fantastic partner organisations, including the BBC, British Airways, Sainsbury’s and the Gates Foundation.  They come to us because we are great at what we do, and even better when we work with them and our partners on the ground.

Our executive team, Trustees, Ambassadors and Founders aren’t too shabby either.

But we are not perfect… [Ugh, there is always a catch.]

We know we need a new way of working – we need to continue to transform our business model, embrace social media, move to a more continuous funding plan and enable people around the world to tell more of their own stories. We need to make our platform sustainable in an ever-changing societal, political and economic landscape.

In addition, we are all facing the realities of COVID-19 together, which is making an unequal world even more unequal; and it is putting pressure on all charity donations around the world.

In the middle of lockdown, we and our partners at BBC and Children in Need put on the Big Night In – all created in a socially distanced way in six weeks. This was an extraordinary effort which resulted in an extraordinary response from the public, who donated over £70 million.

And because those aren’t enough challenges for us…

Comic Relief needs to resonate with your mum and dad, the influencers who create content from your kitchen (great tea towels BTW…) and their younger siblings who are live streaming it – and everyone in between who is watching it.  In order to keep resonating, we have to tap into the zeitgeist of the day (and the days after that). At our best we have reflected and driven popular culture, and we need to keep doing that.

Lastly, but very importantly, we have put inclusion and diversity at the heart of what we do and our ambition is to continue to build a fantastic organisation that reflects our values and mission.

Comic Relief is an organisation that learns, embeds and changes – we are committed to that, and we need you to be too.

As with all relationships worth having, not only can you make us better, we also laugh and want to have fun with you

So, let us summarise –

  • We are an iconic brand, and a driven and impact-led band of visionaries, creators, doers, entertainers and storytellers who seek to change the world and create a just world, free from poverty.
  • We attract world-class talent, have a brilliant team of leaders and have influence beyond our borders.
  • We need to change our business model and create a platform that resonates tomorrow more than it does today, with technology at its core.
  • We are challenging, inquisitive, collaborative and fun.
  • Your parents like us, and oh yeah, we make magic.